Top X Greatest Real Estate Agents in the World

Update 2/23/08 My New Entry:

Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World

How To Win the Contest

As you’ve probably noticed, the contest to be the “greatest real estate agent in the world” has become quite competitive. Since the rules allow you to form a team, I think it’s almost a sure thing that a team will win. Right now, Eric Blackwell has the leading team, and I was going to join his team, but then I found out that his team was already full, and that he was going to relegate everyone outside the Top 10 to a section called “supporting cast”.

Unfortunately, my ego is too inflated to relegate myself to be a member of the supporting cast, so I decided to see if we couldn’t one up Eric’s idea, by creating a team of the TOP X greatest real estate agents in the world.

Join Our Team

Revised 2/21/08… since there don’t seem to be enough people interested in competing in the contest to make a top 100, I have revised the terms of my offer to be the Top X agents. Just let me know if you are interested in joining the team and we can discuss the possibilities.

I’ve also started a page listing all the contestants that I’m aware of. Just make a comment if you don’t see your entry and would like to be included.

My Entry

In order to have this page officially join the contest, it must link to another page and document something that I learned about SEO. I am going to link to and vote for fellow Oregonian, Dennis Pease, with his Squidoo page, which is a neat service that I’ve never used before, and it seems to combine blogging with contextual search features in an interesting way.


13 Responses

  1. Just add your comments to join!

  2. Don’t forget about us 🙂

  3. You got it, your on the blogroll now.

  4. Thanks for the add 🙂

  5. No problemo…

  6. Not quite sure what to do next but I’m sure some one will point me in the right direction 😉

  7. Milan, that was unexpected and greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

    You just earned my next referral for Portland 😉

  8. Gary, welcome, if you’d like to join this site’s team in the contest, then all you need to do is post a link to this site on any other website (ie your blog, REW forums, etc…) and you’re in. If you want to compete independently, but want to be listed on the blogroll, then just point me to your page that you are entering in the contest and I’ll add it.

  9. Dennis, thanks… I love the countdown.

  10. Seems very inventive, you want a link to what url? 😉

  11. because that’s the official contest entry…

  12. FYI- If you are interested in joining my team, I’m changing the guidelines for participation due to the limited number of contestants and thus the unlikelihood of getting 100 people…

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