A Post A Day To Keep The Doctor Away

What a great contest… it has been quite a humbling experience to realize that with all that I have learned about SEO and webmastering… there is still so much to know. The biggest take away so far is the power of teamwork and relationships. This kind of reminds me of a quote I once read, which went something like this:

“One person is an island, but a group of like-minded people have the power to change the world.”

Or Google’s SERPs in this case. I never appreciated how important it is to network online and build relationships with individuals in the same way that we network off line. I’ve been in the real estate business long enough to appreciate that networking is a critical part of being in business, but now I see that this is equally true in the virtual world as well.

I’d say that so far, my one complaint, besides not being at the top of the results, is that Morgan gave two competitors a headstart by linking to them from the official contest entry page. However, the results show the power of a good idea and effective SEO, which is that one of those entries is at the top of the results, and the other is languishing on page 4 right now. Of course I’m down there on page six, so obviously I have a lot to learn 🙂


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