Contest Rules

This website is dedicated to a contest sponsored by Real Estate Webmasters. The contest began on 2/12/2008, and the goal is to get the highest ranking for the keyword Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World when searching Google, which will be checked across multiple data-centers on May 1st, with the winner to be determined by the staff at REW. The rules are as follows:

  • You can use any website, domain, or subdomain in your control
  • The person owning the web page with the highest rank as confirmed by multiple data centers wins
  • You cannot use the word Realtor in a domain as that is a trademark violation
  • Each entry must have a writeup on something they learned from another persons entry
  • Each entry must also link to the persons entry that was the subject of their writeup
  • You may not use a nofollow link to the entry for the writeup
  • The prize is a free template website and IDX plus free hosting for life at Real Estate Webmasters (Value $4080+)

The official rules are posted at Real Estate Webmasters.


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