Does Google Love New Pages?

I’m becoming to wonder if the temporary ranking successes I achieved in this contest, were due to the phenomena of new content being temporarily favored in the SERPs, but then quickly being demoted after a day or two? Although I only made it to the middle of page 2, it seems like in both cases it happened 1-2 days after I posted the content, and then lasted for only a day or so.

It seems like there is a big ranking boost given to new pages, which is then quickly taken away in favor of old pages with the most links. This would make some sense in that it allows new content to be filtered into the results, but it will only stay at the top of the results of many people like the content enough to link to it.


Why Does Google Like REW Better Than This Site?

Well, I can think of a few reasons, so let’s do a comparison:

Real Estate Webmasters

62,100 Pages Indexed of Unique Content
459,217 Inbound Links
Created 04-09-2004


27 Pages Indexed of Unique Content
134 Inbound Links
Created 02-18-2008

I’m not sure, but I think that REW wins… and this also provides evidence that my theory may have some merit. The theory being that it may be easier to compete in the contest using a page on my REW blog versus this cool new site that I created. Because today, my contest entry on REW for the Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World is in the rankings at #15 was in the rankings for all of 1 minute… sigh.

Yahoo SEO Versus Google SEO

One of the fascinating things about following a contest such as this, is the opportunity to take a careful look at the search engine results on a day by day basis and see them update. Today this blog is #3 on Yahoo, yet it is nowhere to be found on Google. Of course the question then becomes, what observations can I make from this about how Yahoo interprets search engine rankings?

  1. I’ve heard that Yahoo favors longer content on an individual page, and the homepage of this blog is probably one of the longest diatribes about this contest on the Internet
  2. Many of the links to this blog are nofollow comments made on other peoples blogs, and so maybe yahoo gives less of a discount to nofollow comments
  3. This blog is a sub-domain of an authority site, so maybe Yahoo gives more credit to subdomains than Google does

If anyone else has any other observations about the differences on the rankings for this contest on Yahoo versus Google, I’d love to hear your comments.